Mark T. Hofmann

Crime- & Intelligence Analyst ('Profiler')

Mark T. Hofmann is a Crime- & Intelligence Analyst ('Profiler') and Business Psychologist (M.A.). He is a famous Profiling-Expert known through international TV- & streaming series (CNN, CBS, Forbes, 60 Minutes Australia). He focused on Behavioral & Cyber-Profiling and inspires people around the world for Cybersecurity and the Dark side of AI. Hofmann has met and interviewed hackers to understand the inside perspective.

Get a rare glimpse into the Psychology of  Cybersecurity from one of the best known experts in his field and become a "human firewall".


09:15 am - 09.45 am

Thursday 12th Sept.

Profiling Hackers: The Psychology of Cybercrime

More than 90% of cyberattacks are caused by human error.

Cybersecurity has to be entertaining and exciting to truly reach people!

Mark T. Hofmann talks in an inspiring way about the profiles and motives of hackers, Cyber-Profiling, how hackers use AI and Deepfakes and how we can build a "human firewall".

In short: What companies need to know about Cybersecurity in 2024 - packed into an exciting Keynote Speech that will be the highlight of your

09:55 am - 10.35 am

Thursday 12th Sept.

BC Security

With Mark T. Hofmann!