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Our event venue, The Gürzenich Cologne, is an iconic location that blends historical grandeur with modern elegance. Nestled in the heart of the Rhine metropolis Cologne, this venue has been a beacon of cultural and social events since its beginnings in the 15th century.
As you step into Gürzenich, you are greeted by its stunning architecture that seamlessly marries Gothic elements with contemporary design. The intricate stonework, grand arches, and elegant interiors of the building are a testament to its rich history and the care taken in its restoration.
Each space within Gürzenich tells its own story – from the majestic ballroom with its soaring ceilings and opulent chandeliers to the more intimate, modern meeting rooms. Come and discover the magic of Gürzenich Cologne, where history meets modernity.
The Gürzenich is centrally located in the inner city of Cologne, in close proximity to Cologne Cathedral and the main train station.

Gürzenich Köln
Martinstraße 29-37
50667 Cologne

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Location: Gürzenich Köln, Martinstraße 29-37, 50667 Cologne

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